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AA11: The Houston Drone Concern - Variations for Bob Ostertag
style: drone
date: 2007-01-01

1. Variation #1 and #2
2. Variation #3

28 min / 54Mo

download the full album + covers in a .rar.

release notes by Daniel De Los Santos a.k.a Houston Drone Concern:
"I was deeply impressed by Bob Ostertag's gesture of releasing a large portion of his catalog for free via a Creative Commons license and so I decided to work with his music to create something new. That isn't to say that my compositions are completely different. I compose drone music and I saw in his music a commonality. We both seek to suspend time for the listener. That is, we want the listener to get lost in the sound and delve deep into the compositions. In short, his gesture lead to the free exchange of ideas and this is vital in the experimental genre.
Variation part 1 and part 2 is best described as drone mixed with noise. I created this piece because I like how Bob Ostertag uses harsh sounds but still manages not to alienate his listeners. Variation part 3 is pure drone and generally represents the kind of music I (mostly) create and listen to. However, the basis is still Ostertag's manipulation of sound and his ability to envelop the listener.
Lastly, I would like to thank Bob Ostertag for making his music available and for being supportive of this project.
All music on this ep is sourced from Bob Ostertag's "A Melody, No Bitterness" release."

Please see bobostertag.com for more information.

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The Houston Drone Concern website

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